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Default Re: Hookah problems... My first hookah...

Its not that it will necessarily be better, you can find crappy hookahs online, but there is a larger variety and they are generally cheaper than what you could find in a smoke shop. For the most part a larger and smaller hookah smoke almost identically but to a point. A larger hookah has a longer shaft which can help the the smoke cool a bit because it has a longer distance to travel giving it more time to cool. Another thing is that larger hookah generally have a wider diameter shaft and downstem giving you less resistance on the inhale and a better smoking experience. In my opinion for a first hookah I would look for something around 14-20 inches, MYA SARAY has some really nice smaller hookahs that are well made and smoke quite nicely. On here I would say most own hookahs from 27-36 inches tall. Really anything over three feet, (38,41, 42 and above) as nice as they look, border on impractical in terms of cleaning, maintaining and storing.
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