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Default Re: Hookah problems... My first hookah...

just look around here as to what hookah to get. the main brands your going to see are KM, MZ, Mya and then the general Syrian and Egyptian.

there are a lot of threads on size of hookahs but in general the only difference i have found is that larger hookahs produce a bit smoother smoke and a larger base can produce a touch better smoke and less choppy feel when you inhale (honestly not a big deal in the long run). my go to hookah is my 18 inch mya mini acrylic i got on ebay for 25 usd shipped.

seeing that your in the UK your going to need to talk to the european members to get a better direction on where to buy from, i think DMCweb even has his own online store now but idk if he sells rigs or just tobacco and coals but if he doesnt he will be able to direct you

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