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Default Re: Recommend a New Hose...

Im probably the only one saying this but dont count my opinion out...
razors and nammors are not the best quaility ( my opinion ) .. i got 3 and 2 of them broke within 2 weeks.. But this is not the only reason of course this can happen to hoses I guess I had some bad luck .. anyways..
the pull is very good on razors.. I would say TOO good.. This is OK when smoking like starbuzz and AF and very juicy tobacco where you just try to get the biggest clouds and look cool.. But you got to remember that better the pull, the bigger clouds. But you pay with taste! the smaller hoses like mya hoses for example, are a bit smaller pull but more concentrated taste.. I do enjoy theese hoses much more now ( after smoking with my razor for 1 year ) I tried to switch back once and wow.. What a difference.. especially on nakhla but even on starbuzz.. So less clouds but more taste!
And because the pull is not 'very good' doenst mean its not easy to pull.. I'd say it's just perfect in normal size hoses..! And also.. the washability thing..
I didnt wash my razor for 6 months.. If you just smoke normal flavours theres no problem with alittle flavour-ghosting in the hoses.. theres not many flavours that will last for longer time in the hose! And this is only noticible in the first few pulls when your shisha hasn't start cooking proberly.. So it doenst really martther this much if its not washable! Just blow out of your hose after each session and it will take loong time before this small ghosting even appears..

And to another importent point.. razors and nammors have a really booring look.. The razor sultan is a bit cooler but still.. If you look at real nice hose like KM hoses for example or beautiful mya hoses.. You'll see how a nice hose looks like..
So Im gonna recommend a hose that Ive been using for a while now and its the most beautiful hose Ive ever seen..

I recommend getting two none-washable beautiful hoses with normal pull and use them for like 1: miny fruity flavours and the other one for like more dark flavours like apple or other stuff.. or however u want to do it..
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