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Default AF Mint Too Strong...Wait...It Never Used To Be?

So heres the story.... Ive been smokin AF mint for yrs.... its my go to flavour... love mixing it, love it even more on its own, at least i thought i did. This past week no matter wot i try, how i try it tastes like rubbish... to be exact, it tastes like its overly strong...almost burning, however its not... the flavour comes through so strong that it burns my taste buds. Obviously this comes as a massive shock as just a week earlier i was enjoyin my reliable, sexy smooth mint.

So, im open to suggestions... how am i gonna fix this

i can say 100% that im not over / under packing the head

Coal management and selection isnt an issue...

Im setting everything up near perfectly and as i said before ive never had this issue before. Also... used diff AF shisha which has worked perfectly using the same set up methods.

Im using a 1kg tub of AF mint... should i perhaps mix it and let it air out abit

Im interested to see if anyone else has had the same problem with AF mint or any other flavours

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