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Default Re: AF Mint Too Strong...Wait...It Never Used To Be?

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
Ah but I see what you're saying OP.

IDK, got it today, seems to scratch up my throat like all the other AFs. But, I've noticed that the cut is a bit leafier, like its not AS finely shredded like it used to (THANK GOD). I'm letting it air out. Maybe that will help with how this shisha is scratching up my throat (not from the shisha burning).
I have seen you write this many times before about the thickeling throat ..
I really do belivie that this is something you can change by adding a bit more heat and just having a bit of patience.. this is the same for me and I have smoked alot of AF ..
there was even a while I smoked every boewl for like 5 mins and just stopped cus I got mad cus It tasted strange and thickled my throat so it was uncomfortable.. but now I have learned that this is just how AF is before it really gets going and suddenly all the unpleasent feelings go away and voila! you can take a loooong hit and not feel anything and thats when the taste and clouds come!
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