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Default Re: AF Mint Too Strong...Wait...It Never Used To Be?

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
I have seen you write this many times before about the thickeling throat ..
I really do belivie that this is something you can change by adding a bit more heat and just having a bit of patience.. this is the same for me and I have smoked alot of AF ..
there was even a while I smoked every boewl for like 5 mins and just stopped cus I got mad cus It tasted strange and thickled my throat so it was uncomfortable.. but now I have learned that this is just how AF is before it really gets going and suddenly all the unpleasent feelings go away and voila! you can take a loooong hit and not feel anything and thats when the taste and clouds come!
Well, I don't wanna add on another coal since I'm using 1/3 of a stick of exoticas. One more is just wayyy too much. I use windcovers on and off.

I tried packing it a bit tight in a phunnel earlier, HELPED A LOT! The tickling sensation goes away pretty fast. OP, perhaps you should try packing the tobacco tighter? I've noticed it helps out so much. Airing it out for 3 to 4 hours helps a lot too
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