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Default Re: AF Mint Too Strong...Wait...It Never Used To Be?

i had noticed when i used to smoke af mint that it would start to not take heat as well as it used to (but i havent smoke it for a while now since ive pretty much stopped smoking AF). af mint was one of my favorite flavors but i just dont like how AF has become and dont want to risk getting bad batches.

i think some dislike the flavor of it because it is more like an altoid than the other mints which are more like a lighter mint leaf which is nice and all but i like the super powerful altoid style mint or the menthol type mint like nakhla has in its normal mint (not a big fan of the mizo mint from the batch i got, not bad/horrid just not my bag)

i would try a touch less heat to see if that helps or even though you say your packing is fine try packing it a bit tighter
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