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Default Re: Recommend a New Hose...

The hose that I have posted a img of is a bit wider then myas standard hoses i want to recall.. It was a while ago I had a standard mya hose but it is perfect the one I showed..
MN_Clouds.. It's just like Luv2smoke says.. And you dont want a too narrow hose cus then you'll get a headache for just sucking hard ( lol u understand what I mean ).. but the hose I posted is perfect.. I cannot say 100% that the standard mya hoses is like this though..
I havent tried this cobra hose but I bet it's just fine.. Just watch out ordering from that website.. its a good selection of stuff but the crew there are retarded in mailing back and answering your quesctions.. 1 answer can take 7 days ..
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