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Default Thoughts On Starbuzz White Grape

Hi guys, it's been awhile since I've posted a thread here on the forums. Anyways, I received a gift from this nice lady of several 250g tins of Starbuzz. Most people here know that I prefer traditional tobaccos and Nakhla over a lot of this artificial flavoured tobacco we have here in the States. However, I was very grateful to receive such a nice gift. Just now I decided to try out the Starbuzz White Grape. I set up my 26" Nour Syrian (that's right I said Nour for you KM fans ) with a standard Egyptian bowl and a Nour hose (I really prefer traditional unwashable hoses over Nammor/Razan hoses for the sake of flavour - try it out sometime and you'll see what I mean.) I then even "juiced" the bowl to ensure great flavour. I began smoking when the coals were red hot of course, and the flavour is slim to none, just billowing clouds. I am very disappointed with this because like I always say, "Make sure your flavour is put first, then comes the clouds." Anyone else experience this? I can honestly say Nakhla Mizo White Grape is the best I have had.

Also, I know a lot of people here who absolutely love Starbuzz and I have great understanding of this, however, I feel that it is overpriced and overrated. Friends here tell me to try Blue Mist and I was not at all impressed. Citrus Mist, same story applies. I feel that it smells great and smokes BIG, but the flavour is just unsatisfying which is why I choose Nakhla over mostly anything else.

I invite you guys to share your opinions with me and let me know what you guys enjoy - not just grape - all flavours. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


- Mohamed
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