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Default Re: Thoughts On Starbuzz White Grape

Hey my brother!
About the hose issue u know I share that opinion.. i just posted it in a very recent thread as well and you can jump in and agree with me there if u'd like
Anyway .. I understand fully what you mean by this artificial flavours in starbuzz.. But white grape, citrus mist and blue mist have really much taste.. Not in the same way as nakhla but they shouldnt make you dissapointed at leat..
It shouldnt maybe matther but I would really think that in this case, its maybe the bowl that is the problem.. I smoke starbuzz in a small tangier phunnel with a scalli mod, and it works like a charm! yes the clouds is big but they have taste! so it should absolutly not be near tasteless even though I fully understand what you mean with this artificial taste compared to traditional real taste nakhla for example.. And yes its damn overpriced but its still very good I think..
If you have a phunnel try it like that.. maybe the same way you smoked af gold esk apple..?
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