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Default Re: Recommend a New Hose...

Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
Ive got the Mya hose that you posted a pic of, i got it with my Mya Gyro and i have tos ay its beautiful, feels good but the pull is a bit too restrictive so you do get tired from pulling too hard and because it hasn't got a long handle can get tiring from having to hold it up to your mouth for an hour. The shisha king hose is a bit wider than the mya coloisone (i dont know how to spell it).
I cant agree about the pull being restrivtive.. but I can agree that the handle is a bit short which maybe isnt as comfortable as a large hose to hold to your moth while sitting up and smoking alone for an hour.. BUT.. I often lay in my bed and smoke at nights or in the sofa.. and in the bed its much better to have this smaller hose cus the bigass hoes is too clumsy to sleep with..
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