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Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
i find the mixed fruits horrid, a lot of people like it here but it just smells and smokes bad. chocomint is one of my favorite flavors, i like the regular mint, the apples (Double apple is probably my favorite now), cinnamon is good but a little cooler/smoother than expected, sweet mellon is very good but after a few smokes of it it starts to not taste as good, get a slight overly ripe taste. i love nakhla as it is my good to brand, there is of course some that are not to great but most flavors i find at least decent

that's exactly what i thought, my first few bowls of sweet melon were awesome then after a while i just didn't wanna smoke it, even the smell turned me away from it :\ definitely an every-once-in-a-while smoke for me now. too much of a good thing i guess, cause it's still one of my favorite flavors.

but yeah welcome to the club, i started out smoking nakhla as well and to this day it's still my favorite brand. i haven't had the apricot, but strawberry isn't a very outstanding flavor. don't get me wrong it's good, but it's mediocre compared to some other amazing flavors nakhla has to offer.

you could try double apple, but it has a pretty strong anise flavor, strongly resembling black licorice. if you're into that kind of stuff i'm sure you'll love it. single apple has no anise flavor, though. i'm surprised this hasn't been suggested yet, but mandarin is another great flavor by nakhla you should try out.
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