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Default Re: Noob Here, Bambino/QT help?

i havent used them personally but they seem to be pretty much the same, i have a mya mini acrylic (got on ebay for 25 bucks shipped) and it is my normal smoke now, best investment i have made in a good long while

i would look on ebay honestly for a small mya

personally i would get a new hose (a washable one, i like the nammor/razans) and a new bowl, the mya bowls are a little to deep and not wide enough for my tastes. i prefer a mod bowl but a lot of people dont like them because they say the material is too thin and heats up to fast/easily (i dont have an issue with it). many people will say to get a phunnel or vortex bowl but honestly all i see them do is waste tobacco and are not that much better especially starting out.

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