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Default Re: Thoughts On Starbuzz White Grape

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding View Post
I agree. But imo, that isn't one of the best SB flavors. Just like all other brands, every brand has bad or weak flavors.

I freaking enjoy SB Pumpkin Pie and Code 69 now. ^_^ Some of the other fruit flavors from SB aren't that amazing in my book though

People have different preferrences when it comes every moving piece of the hookah experience (hoses, bowl, shank, jar, hose, tobacco, etc..).
Many people around here think that there is a single superior product
compared to everything else (i.e. Nahkla > All.. yawn). Don't listen to them. They know what works for them and they are trying to tell you what works for you, ignore them. Use the reviews as a guide and try things for yourself.
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