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Default Re: Throwing around the idea of creating a hookah lounge

ok im going to through out very rough figures and just come up with something. you will not even spend as close to what i list in here because no one buys all the flavors of one tobacco and you may not even use that brand of tobacco but ill give something. remember you WILL need at least 3 months rent to start if not more because generally your first year in any business will be the worse year ever and you may only break even if not at a loss.

it all depends on what brands you have. remember to be good get at least one hookah per flavor but you will need more on the more popular ones. if you start with starbuzz and want to stock them all its about 67+ flavors so thats over 60 hookah's you will need, lets say you get 2 each flavor thats 134 hookahs you need. lets say you go egyptian and i mean a decent one so km or mz each hookah wholesale at roughly 20 bucks thats 2680 there.

you are going to need enough money for the rent to cover AT LEAST 3 months if not more so if you get a location at 1500 a month thats another 4500 you need right at the start.

bowls are cheap if you use egyptian ones, maybe 50 cents each on the high end so thats nothing big, one bowl per hookah plus another 20 in case any break so thats 144 bucks there.

hoses are going to be an expense every 2-3 months to replace and each hose will run you about 10 bucks. so lets say you buy a replacement set for each hookah at the very beginning just to store thats another 1340 bucks.

tobacco, if we keep going with the starbuzz it should be at the lowest 12.00 per 250g jar wholesale (no clue what the price is of kilo tubs so going by this) but you will probably pay more. also keep in mind you will go through tobacco fairly easily but lets say you order 1 kilo of each flavor in 250g jars, that will be 6432 in tobacco. in 1 kilo tubs it will be cheaper so lets say its 35 bucks per kilo wholesale and this is just guessing so it may be more, may be less. so thats at 4760 if you stock all flavors of starbuzz.

charcoal, i have NO clue how much this costs wholesale in the big bags they get, dont even know how much to buy it from a store as i have never tried. each bag looks to be about 5 kilo's of charcoal. lets say its 10 bucks wholesale and i have no clue how much you will use a month but i say its a good idea to start with 30 bags because you cant overbuy on charcoal. in the hookah bar i go to they go through one big bag if not more each day though so the 30 guess would probably be a good idea. that would be 300 bucks per month for your charcoal but it may be more or it may be less. if your going to use exoticas i have no clue at the wholesale price but lets say 5 bucks a box. wow i cant even guess how much this will cost because it all depends on customers and how many pieces you put on each hookah so i cant give an estimate but you will probably want to go with bulk charcoal since it is cheaper.

food and drinks....not going to touch this haha but this will be a good chunk of your income so stock well on this.

edit: sorry i didnt even throw in what you where going to do, decorations, tv's or not, sound system, chairs, couches, toilet paper, etc. lets say you use 2,500 to get all that and your place decorated and have all the seating/tables you need

now if we go by all those numbers above and you bring in 3 months rent ahead of time thats almost 14,000. as i said before you may not even use starbuzz you will not buy all the flavors i can almost guarantee that so how many hookah's, how many bowls, and how much tobacco you buy will change all these numbers.

look at it this way at the very least with NO expenses in but the rent you are looking at almost 5 grand to start up. no hookah's, no tobacco, no bowls, no replacement hoses, no food/drinks, and none of your decorations/tables/chairs/entertainment.
also remember when you sign that lease if you fail and you sign a 5 year lease you will be responsible for the full 5 years so you will have to sell that lease or be stuck with a nice 1500 a month bill.

too much rambling...ill stop now....hope this was of any vague use.
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