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Default Re: Shisha shops outside Manhattan NYC

Originally Posted by XMiwakoX View Post
So I checked out Nile Deli. That place had wonderful selections of hookahs. they were ehh on the shisha (and they wanted 20 bux for starbuzz I usually get it at a sweet ass deal for 10 bux in manhattan i think the guy likes me, but whtvr ) )All they had was AF some STARBUZZ and 2 other brands...but I have to def check out the other places on that block. Its like hookah heaven there )

there is that place then before it there is another place and across the street from nile there is a place with a tonload of hookahs in the window they also sell tobacco, but most of them just carry starbuzz, nakhla, and starzzz...and hey if you need a hookah partner i live a few blocks away
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