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Default Re: thoughts on tangeirs

Originally Posted by FarBeyondDriven View Post
Personally I feel the lucid line is really good and easier to smoke than the regular Tangiers line. However, I feel Tangiers is the worst attempt at Middle Eastern tobacco I have ever seen - personal opinion. Roll with the Lucid line, and if you like and want something stronger, kick it up a notch to the regular line .

- Mohamed
remember though Eric markets it a a modern style of tobacco

if you can get some one that can set it up well it is a great great smoke but for most of my friends and my self here in va it is always a gamble and it either comes out good to smoke from the pack or is a PITA to acclimate. the local lounge guys dont seem to have an issue with it and even pack it in regular egyptian bowls and it smokes great, yet at home i have some issues with it, i think i have figured it out mostly but i dont really want to pack up a bowl that needs to be smoked for 4 hours when i wont smoke it that long and feel that i am wasting a lot of tobacco having to pack even my small phunnel up with it

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