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Default Re: Why is it burning?

^^ that bowl is a low more shallow than my mod bowl

and i have to do this again because the terms are being tossed around too much <rant> we do not have clay bowls, a plain clay bowl will not survive being used more than 2-3 times max, what most people refer to as "clay" is unglazed ceramic (once fired clay is ceramic). the mod bowls use a smoother clay that is used thinner compared to the egyptian clay that is used in the "traditional" bowls </rant>

maybe its hard to use QLs on a mod bowl, i used coco style nats (been using CH ones) and have no isses with 3, i do have to move my coals a decent amount but it also is from the way i use aggressive heat management (toss 3 coals on with a wind cover and get it going in a few mins, pull the wind cover and move the coals w/o flipping, the first 15 mins i move the coals probably 2-3 times but after that i dont move them much)

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