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Default Re: Why is it burning?

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
How can you guys tell what material the bowl is made of?
That grime is from not cleaning the bowl from the day before.

Before getting this Fusion, I would consistently smoke Nakhla Double Apple and I used toothpicks.

I didn't burn it like with the fusion but I still never got thick smoke and flavor was always very very faint.

So it's the bowl? I'm getting a vortex in a couple of days anyway.
people can tell what the bowl is made from by just knowing that it looks like. you can tell the difference between glazed and and unglazed very easily

you know, i think i know the real issue here, is that bowl sealing correctly? most of the "mod" bowls need a thicker grommet to get a good seal on it, if your not getting thick smoke but your able to burn the tobacco you probably have a leak some where in the hookah, more than likely the bowl/stem seal

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