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Default The Best day Ever!

So I dropped AF on my site permanently! i got fed up with all the phone calls to raise the prices. i am not going to have any one tell me how to run my "hobby".

but the funny thing is i'm not mad at all this is the happiest i have been in god knows when. i smoked 3 large funnel bowls of SB white Grape to day and wow i am chillin', laughing so hard at other people that should not be named but wow funny shit..

Hookah Pro is the Best fucking Forum on the Net.. its true. virtually no problems every one gets along and i love you all... Hookah Pro For Ever!

come on this place has everything, from how-to's to vendor shit that i never really take advantage of

And for those of you in the loop... "God i Feel So evil"... (no wonder the bad guys have all the fun) but im not a bad guy

LoL i had to say it " Never fear you friendly neighborhood Hookah Pimp is here!"
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