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Default Re: Why is it burning?

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
Checked for all leaks..

Checked everything individually but also did the ultimate test: (hand on top of bowl = no air)

Edit: you might be right actually.
I tried putting foil on the bowl without poking holes. And I was definitely able to get air.
There was obviously pull but it wasn't that much pull... So it's definitely not airtight.

glazed or unglazed is very easy to differentiate. But I think most people here have glazed bowls whether clay or ceramic.
I meant how can you tell if it's clay? The fact that it's white is a giveaway. But if I had a brown ceramic bowl, would you know hat it's ceramic and not clay?
sounds like your bowl grommet might be a touch to small, i had a similar issue with my bowl

once clay is fired it becomes ceramic, you cannot have glazed clay, and if you dont fire clay and just let it air dry once you get water on it it will start to break down and it is also very weak

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