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Default Some Warnings about Stainless Steel Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Ive been reading up on of using brass and stainless steal and especially welding them together as the Stainless Steal models are doing. And by doing this it causes the Galvanic corrosion which mean that the metals corrode faster then if they were by themselves

Galvanic corrosion is from
1) Dissimilar metals
2) Metal-to-metal contact
3) Metals in the same conduction solution (usually called an electrolyte(water))
If any of these elements is missing, galvanic corrosion cannot occur.

I was also reading an article on why we have to use plastic connectors now on water heaters instead of brass or copper

What Are Plastic-Lined Nipples And Why Do I Need Them? Pipe nipples are small fittings that connect two pipes together. Many pipes and pipe nipples are made out of brass or copper because these metals are “noble” metals. This means that brass and copper do not chemically react with oxygen—the cause of corrosion or rusting—as much as other metals do (such as steel). The hot and cold water lines on top of the water heater are usually made of brass or copper. Unfortunately, most water heater tank linings and pipes are made out of steel. If these different metals touch each other, the brass or copper will actually promote rusting on the steel tank while the brass or copper remain rust free.

Pictures of my KM ICE, 2 months ago on this thread. 2nd and 15th post

Am I saying don't get any stainless steel hookahs or even not a km stainless steal?.... No

All I am trying to do is show you some potential risks and all this can be prevented with good care..

make sure to check the welds... the inside of ure hookah for any rust and dry it off well so galvanized corrosion can not occur as much

by checking you hookah you can make sure the rust does not go in deep... usually when you catch it in the first month or so its just top layer rust and can be scrubbed off with some vinegar

I want your guys opinions or research you have found or even personal experience

****Please do not turn this into what hookah is the best thread****

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