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Default Re: Why is it burning?

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
OK so this looks like the mod bowl I have:

It seems most people talk about getting/using this bowl (an Egyptian) (besides a phunnel/vortex) - which they apparently, mistakenly call clay:

And then they have this one, which is like my mod bowl but unglazed:

It seems like the Egyptian one is shiny and glazed as well.
Are you saying only the third one is a good bowl?
it depends who you talk to as to which is a good bowl. i love the glazed mod bowls personally and am not to big on the unglazed bowls. i would happily use a "traditional egyptian" bowl if i got my hands on one that was a size i like but all the ones i have come across when i was shopping for them were to small or shallow/ etc. remember "egyptian bowls" have so many different sizes one egyptian bowl may be great for some one but suck for another, and you might get a box of them and not find one that is good even if each one is a different version.

the egyptian bowl i got from HS with my hookah was not very big and honestly it has just sat in my extra stuff for months collecting dust. it seems that the mod, phunnel, and vortex bowls are more consistent when you order them since they are produced by fewer people so they are all pretty much the same within their type

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