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Default Re: Why is it burning?

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
Alright...but I still don't understand. Matt, you are saying the Egyptian and the Mod on HS are the same material. And yet others are claiming the Egyptian is better material.

Which is true?
i guess i am being a prick about the terminology, it is all ceramic but different in many of its characteristics. think of wood, you have soft and hard woods, light and dark woods, etc.

the mod bowls use a different kind of clay in the manufacture which end up being very smooth in and out and end up being made with thinner material, where as the thicker egyptian bowls use a different clay (egyptian red clay IIRC) which is a different raw material than what the mods use, the tangiers phunnels use a different material than both of them.

clay is the raw material that comes out of the ground, ceramic is the material after it has been worked and fired same as sand (along with soda ash and lime or borax) is what is heated to turn into glass. the egyptian bowls are unglazed, which leads to it having different characteristics, and the material is usually thicker which holds the head differently, and lastly because of the type of clay it was made from it has characteristics to it that are going to be different from other unglazed ceramics made from different clays

egyptian bowls = egyptian red clay
mod bowls = white porcelain (seems like that to me, or something very close, porcelain has no specific deffinition)

egyptian red and white porcelain both are clay fired into ceramic, just like maple and cedar are both woods but they are much different, just like pyrex (hard borosilica glass) and furnace glass (soft soda lime glass) are both glass but they cannot be used for the same things.

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