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Default Re: Some Warnings about Stainless Steel Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
I didn't read the links but I remember doing an experiment about Galvanic cells in General Chemistry.
Though it's probably different from Galvanic corrosion, it does involve putting metals in solutions. This generates electricity (hence Galvanic Cells) but it also does corrode the metal. The solutions we used were pretty abrasive though and nothing on the level of water.

As suggested by matt, distilled or DI water would not have ions and would thus have no electrolytes problem
from what i saw galvanic cells use galvanic corrosion so you were studying the same thing.

after i read your post i remembered, distilled water probably is ok but the distilled deionized you mentioned is the better (you can wash a circuit board off with deionized water)... but of course a silver and gold hookah would be ideal too

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