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Default Re: thoughts on tangeirs

I have had both good and bad experiences with Tangiers. I feel that the sentiment is good but the execution can range from poor to wonderful. The flavors that are available from Tangiers have a great selections and offer blends that no other producer makes. Some are wonderful takes on well established flavors. There are some flavors that i would like to see a change in whether that be better flavor accuracy or trength of flavor.

I think that many times tangiers is not worth the hassle it takes to setup. When you factor in the number of times I tried to get cocoa to smoke properly without success then the cost of the tobacco goes up dramatic amounts.
Lucid is a good change that greatly reduces these problems and I have yet to find one lucid blend that i was not pleased with. While it is washed it is not so washed that the buzz is entirely gone. The flavors are, in my experience, just the same as the noir line but without the extra work. The ability to treat it as you would a normal tobacco help with tobacco conservations as well.

Overall i like Tangiers and I do know how to use the product properly as to make the sessions good and enjoyable. I do feel taht the Lucid line of Tangiers is the way to go and I see that line becoming the dominant line in the Tangiers family very soon. Considering that we now have Lucid exclusive flavors coming out I believe that it is the beginning of a shifting of main focus for our friend Eric.
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