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Default Re: Some Warnings about Stainless Steel Khalil Mamoon Hookahs

Galvanic corrosion or white rust as it is know hereabouts happens in any environment where 2 dissimilar metals are present and a conductive fluid alkaline or acid. In Walvis Bay on the west Coast of Namibia the roads are made of Salt. Most of the houses has steel window frames with Brass latches and sliders the high salt content of the morning dew Causes the corrosion to form and if you do not open the windows once a week the brass sliders corrode so badly that you must remove them to get the window open. They coat most of the steel and brass with petroleum jelly to counter some of the corrosion. My brothers Landrover (aluminum body) corroded great big holes in the body skin he had to strip everything off the chassis and wrap the springs in tarcloth and galvanize all exposed parts and replace aluminum panels where needed. So any hookah with dissimilar metals will have oxidization forming of one kind or another the only metals imune to this is platinum, Gold, silver(to some extent for it tarnishes witch is oxidization) The PH of your water in you vase will also affect the rate of oxidization. So all said a hookah will rust no matter what just don't let it get out off hand control it by cleaning the hookah and drying it well.

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