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Default Re: thoughts on tangeirs

Originally Posted by jreese86 View Post
Tangiers and I had a rough start. The first batch I got I couldn't get to smoke right. Then I got a batch of Lucid and still had troubles, until the last bowl, which smoked great and got me hooked on the "thicker" flavor of Tangiers. Then I switched over to real tangiers again, went through a couple batches of failure including on of the F-Line. Finally I managed to work it out and now I am hooked on Tangiers. Oddly enough the Noir line doesn't hit me too hard with the Nicotine, and the F-Line never really even let me feel the caffeine.

I've got the packing method down pat now, so I very rarely have a bad bowl. One thing that I was doing wrong for the longest time was using a toothpick to poke holes all the way down to the bottom of the bowl. That creates air pockets which don't distribute heat right and defeats the purpouse of "packing" the tobacco tight. Once I figured that out my sessions immediately became great. Now I can't get enough of tangiers. Too bad Vacation has me broke haha.
so do you just poke the foil with the tooth pick? i havent been plying around with tangiers much lately but i wouldnt pack it really tight and would poke all the way down but got a decent amount of tickle

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