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Default Re: thoughts on tangeirs

Originally Posted by kingboyb View Post
Orange Soda *Confirmed*
Green Tea *Confirmed*
Mimon (Peppermint Lemon) *Confirmed*
Cactus Fruit *Confirmed*

Has anyone received thier mystery packs yet?

Orange soda and cactus fruit get a thumbs up from me when it comes to concept. Once these are released I am going to grab these two for sure. I have never tried the orange soda in the noir line but have always wanted to. I am a huge fan of cactus pear and I think that it translates very well into tobacco.

I am looking forward to the next series of flavor releases if these are the harbingers.

Green tea though... I am not sure how much I want to breath green tea. I have used powdered green tea leaves and I know what it feels like to accidentally inhale some.
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