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Default Re: Throwing around the idea of creating a hookah lounge

Originally Posted by freepain
Me and two of my friends have been smoking hookah together for about a year now and have pretty much decided that we are going to open a hookah lounge come the summer. Now im in no rush to start this out and have it flop. I'm going to be drawing up a business plan in the next week or so to try and figure out what the financial situation is gonna be like. I was just wondering if you guys could help me out with some questions.

How much money do you guys think it would cost to get basic start ups going? (We are looking at fairly reasonable area and the shop we have decided on is about 1500 a month plus expenses. I strictly talking hookahs,tobacco,bowls,ext...)

If anyone has any idea how much a license to sell tobacco in Florida that would be great.

And we are thinking about having a sort of cafe theme during the day till about 8 then we are gonna change it up and try and make it more of a night club. Does anyone see any potential hazards associated with that ?

Just some thoughts thanks for your help guys
I actually opened one and ran it successfully for a couple of years and i'd say you had better be very careful about finding a location, looking into local laws, competition and hundred other things. If you have not turned a decent profit running a cafe of some sort you better partner with someone that has or stop right now.

If you think you can open with 6k you're kidding yourself. When I did it (several years ago in a cheap part of the country during a realty crash) we spent 100K to get going and it wasn't easy. You best go hire someone to get a business plan togeather that is up on cafe scene in your area.
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