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Originally Posted by Gift3d View Post
Don't listen to this, because it is 100% false. Don't lead people who are new to hookah in the wrong direction.

With quicklights you have to make sure they're 100% red and lit all around to burn off all the quick lighting agents off the coal before smoking, if the bar you were at didn't make sure all the black schtuff was gone by means of blowing on it or something else, that could be the reason behind why you had a headache.

Usually what i've noticed at hookah bars is they'll overpack the bowl, which sometimes results in a nice smoke for about 15 minutes, then the burnt taste can really start setting in just like you described. But hey, some hookah bars way overpack their bowl and there has been people who post here who have had great sessions like that, there was a thread in here about it a few months ago. I guess it's just whether some bars have that magic touch or not.

What i'm saying is, it sounds by the way you described it that the people at the hookah bar prepared it poorly. Don't let that turn you away from getting your own! Once you have your own hookah you can start learning how to prepare a perfect bowl (especially with all the guides and videos on here) and eventually discover some of your own methods as you become more experienced. None of that headacheness or nastiness you described, i haven't smoked a bowl like that in a loooooong time, not since i was a newb
sounds like you know exactly what im talking about. i was considering getting my own, something small like a little Mya or something because it would probably only be me and my girlfriend smoking. the QT my friend is thinking about getting looks nice, and after looking at some reviews on here people seem to like it
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