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Default 2nd round of coals=bad experience =(

Ok so I set up my hookah with a couple buddies of mine and the session started out great. We were having some SB Blue mist. The only problem was that we didn't get that much smoke on the first set of coals (starlight silver tabs) so we cooked up another set of coals and took out the first set which were getting small then put on the next set (3 tabs per stick of coal). 2 of my friends started to hit it and got massive clouds but when it was my turn to take hits i pulled in a "coal-y" taste. It wasn't really irritating but you'd know that the tobacco was burning and the smoke had a tint of black to it (exaggeration but it was dark smoke). So I took off the coals and looked at the bowl (using tangiers medium) and the shish was burnt and smoking. I trashed that bowl and refilled it with new blue mist, put on the foil, poked about 2.5 rings of holes and started with 2 coals this time. It was alright, the pulls were ok but there was not enough smoke! Then I added the third one and it started to taste "coal-y" again. My friends said they taste it fine and I was too sensitive. But I know there's something wrong so I'm asking you guys what do you think is the problem? How can I fix this? I didn't try double foiling it so is that the problem? Help! Sorry for this long post but I'd appreciate if any of you can help me! Thanks!
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