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Default Re: Nakhla Kass Super

Originally Posted by yoyoyo View Post
So, i tried it yesterday.

The cut was like Tangiers, in a very dry version. I used an egyptian bowl and prepare it like a typical nakhla bowl. But it didnt gave me smoke at all, and i mean nearly nothing. i could feel the "flavor", it was good, but the smoke was literrally not there. Then i removed the foil and put the coal on top, nothing again. Maybe tonight ill mix it with some honey and see if there is a difference, i dont have glycerin to use also.

Qass Super - on the strength scale of 1-10 is 7 .... Much stronger than Bata, yet Zaghloul and Qass African kick its ass.

To smoke it, you need to fluff it, and actually, the regular Egyptian bowl is not designed to smoke it. You need an "Unflavored Moassel Egyptian Bowl" ... I will post pics of one soon.

To smoke it in a standard Egyptian bowl, remove the foil and use a toothpick to punch a wide, deep hole through the tobacco to the bowl holes to insure good airflow.

And no, adding honey is counterintuitive since these tobaccos are designed to be dry ...
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