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Default Re: What Smoking Has Done to My Health

Originally Posted by OBY
This leads me to think that the tobacco is only there for the sole purpose of nicotine.... has nothing to do with smoke since I tried it without glycerin and no smoke.... Even though there was no smoke I do think I was getting the nicotine....
Not to put too fine a point on it but you're wrong. Tobacco can and often does (and should in my view) add something to the taste of mu'essel and often in older fashioned products it is the dominant flavour. Now it is true that some mu'essel is so heavily processed that no tobacco flavour is left yet the texture of the the smoke still has the full bodied qualities that cane sugar, cabbage, cale or what not lacks. Basically, tobacco gives the smoke body that you can't get other wise although lots of chemicals when vaporized produce smoke the composition of the smoke varies depending upon what created it. If you ever try old fashioned tobamels or juraks you'll notice that they often have no glycerine yet they smoke they create is a good deal denser and richer then what sugar cane can give you even with a lot of glycerine mixed in with it.

As to nicotine the heavily processed sorts of mu'essel don't really have much because like decent cigars the fermentation process drives off most of the tar and nicotine and assuming you don't inhale you'll have no measurable nicotine in your blood stream after smoking. I know a cigar maker in Costa Rica and i've seen the test data so given that mu'essel production has prolonged processing at higher temperatures it stands to reason that a similar, but more pronounced change, will take place. I know this as well because a friend and fellow narghile fan happens to be a doctor and he has the equipment needed to test for nicotine which is something that happens when you apply for health coverage. Basically, numerous tests he's done show that pipes, cigars and narghile use don't test positive if you don't inhale. Of course I know a lot of you guys fill your lungs with the smoke rather then just savour the texture and taste like I do so.....
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