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Default Re: What Smoking Has Done to My Health

As to the matter of risks of smoking I hope that no one thinks Iím saying that it's a risk free hobby. The reality is that smoking a pack of American cigarettes a day will increase your risk factors for a bunch of nasty aliments 4-8 fold over that of the typical American non-smoker. Still, if you read the Colby book I have mentioned before you'll note that anti-smoking studies can't explain the vast range of risk factors associated with smoking and the dramatic variations found in cancer incidents found a round the world. Partly, it is almost certainly a genetic matter but in the Western World the problem is one of the various methodological biases Iíve talked about before as well as differences in smoking method.

Some of you may recall how the old Surgeon General Reports found no evidence to support the notion that cigar and pipe usage hold the risks popularly associated with cigarette use. While that clearly has something to do with the chemical properties of pipe tobacco and hand made cigars (the curing/fermentation methods Iíve mentioned already) as well as smoking methods weíve got to recall the socio-demographic factors that Colby and many others have raised before.

As to my experiences note that no well designed studies actually exist dealing with the risks of cigarette uses let a lone narghiles so we are certainly doing something that the actual risk factors are largely unknown even though we know that the commonly perceived risks are wildly over stated.

Beyond that I would suggest that I doubt my current state of health would be as good as it is if I were a cigarette smoker or if I inhaled.
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