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Default Re: 2nd round of coals=bad experience =(

Originally Posted by Th3DonDada View Post
hmm I'll try double foiling it next time and give you guys an update. Do I need to acclimate the blue mist? Because I basically opened it fresh from a new can. Also my MZ hookah came with a wind cover but it can't fit over the tangiers bowl. It gets stuck around the border of the top of the bowl and doesn't touch the tray. Any suggestions for a tall wind cover? Also I would buy coconaras but my parents monitor my bank acc -_-. I also did the flipping technique and purging but that still didn't really work. A good 2 hits then it starts to taste like coals.

But the packing technique I think I need a refresher on that one so I'll look up around the forums for some ideas. I usually pack it somewhat tight and leveled with the tip of the bowl.

Well thanks guys for your input, really appreciate it!
What i did about the windcover, something i found in this forum.. was to take the SB can and cut a circle on the under side. Then you put the can on the tray before you put the bowl on the hookah, then put the bowl on its position and place the windcover over the can. that should work just fine.
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