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Default Flavor Predicament

Ok, so I just got a KM over the weekend and I've had the chance to smoke out of it a few times and I noticed something.

The smoke is thicker than with my old Sahara Candy Stripe, but the flavor is lacking, aka not as strong. I'm still using the same Vortex bowl, as well as my new Small Phunnel and have swapped them a couple times thinking it was just my lack of skill with a phunnel. I'm also using a Razan hose instead of my old one that came with the Sahara, and CH nats instead of Golden/Akhla QLs.

It's a 35" Al Gia KM, Razan, Vortex (on this go round) with a spiral hole pattern made with a safety pin (I normally do that), and 2.5/3 CH nats in a triangle shape. I shift the coals clockwise every 20-25 minutes or so when I ash.

My current bowl is HH DA, which last time in my Sahara almost knocked me over with flavor. This time I can barely taste it. The last bowl was HH Orange and Pomegranate, and the flavor was really weak as well. Can anybody tell me what's up?
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