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Default Re: Adding legal herbs to shisha?

Originally Posted by LoQuik View Post
This thread is very interesting but I find the Native American talk more so over the legal herbs.

I am half Lummi and half White Swan but registered as only Lummi. And I agree with kalutika by saying it all depends on the person. I refer to myself as Native, NDN, N8V.

Im suprised to see how much people know about this subject and get offended. Im not but find it interesting =)
exercise your rights as a native my friend, i wish i had native blood since i am native by heart but dont have a drop of blood so im pretty much screwed in a lot of ways since i am into dancing, do no protected feathers for me.

i really love seeing the native uses of a all the plants here, be it for smudging, smoking, medicinal , etc

one of my friends who is half native is talking about getting a nice native pipe so i am getting interested in the native blends again
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