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Thumbs down Horrible KM experience

ok, got my new KM from ups today some of you may have seen the thread, its a beautiful custom KM tri metal with a orange hiroglific vase.
Base was Broken! sucks so bad i was looking foward to it so much. so i called and they are sending me a new one. so I put the heart of the lion on a big sahara vase. and it smoked like shit. idk why, it was my first time with a phunnel bowl so maybe it was the bowl set up. idk i figured by now id know how to pack a bowl, maybe im doing something wrong. idk. I also didnt have a wind cover big enough to fit so that could be it too... if there is anything you see here that I could have done wrong or a possible first time KM smoker mistake please point it out and give me some tips. Im so frustrated its rediculous.
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