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Default Re: Flavor Predicament

Originally Posted by xin666 View Post
Also more heat means more smoke, but less flavor, so play around with how many coals you're using.
I disagree to this statement.. I think youve confused it with something else but this is not true..more heat does not mean less flavour but it does mean more clouds. and more clouds does not mean less flavour if its because of the heat.. rather if its because of you have a very wide hose like a razor, then it means less flavour..
But you should pump that heat on as much as _possible_ to get maximum taste without it burning.. so rotate the coals every now and then as well..
Possible in this meaning is depending on alot of things.. how you apcked ur tobacco, what coals ur using, what type of foil, hole pattern, windcover and such..
So this is a very experimental thing and individual.. so try to learn some from eachs moking experience as well and suddenly one day u have learned a ultimate forumla to smoke a great bowl packed with example nakhla or AF ..

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