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Default Re: Flavor Predicament

its not nonsence that wider hoses give mroe smoke / less flavour while smaller gives more flavour less smoke..
it's just a opinion shared by many others here as we have discussed in different threads.. Some agree some dont agree but its not nonsence..

Matt: "some tobaccos are this way, SB is, most others not so much but there are some..."
I feel that both nakhla and AF is this way as well.. Less heat will not work them up proberly.. Like Af will get this ticekling feeling in the throat and taste bad if its not getting full effect of heat and nakhla doesnt have the tickeling feeling but it wont perform well if not given enough heat...

this is all my opinion based on lots and lots of smoking for several years but no its not facts written in black and white so some agree some disagree ... Its alright

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