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Default Re: Throwing around the idea of creating a hookah lounge

look i owned a lounge.... don't do it. yeah it sounds fun, and you will make money and all that, but its not worth it in the end when you factor in the stress factor. music, customers (annoying ones) and of course the feared drunks. thats just me...

boom you were way fucking off on prices though! some cheaper, some more..

hmmmm... let me make a list for you to consider and at the end tell me if ya wanna go through with it or not.

1. Location
2. Business License
3. Tobacco license
4. Alcohol License (if you want it, don't recommend it at all) limits your bussines to 21 and over
5. Contracts with you and your friend (trust me do it, its safer)

no in the clear yet

6. inspection time! (yay!)
fire department
health department
and what ever eles is in FL
7. P.O.S system optional (highly recommend if you are going to higher staff)
8. Time to plan the floor... lol floor plan that also has to be checked buy fire department to give Max Capacity
9. Decor.... place has to look decent... your lucky over here there is so much competition it scary 1 street alone has 10 hookah lounges on it in a 5 mile span

If you make it to 10 you almost time to open!

10. Hookahs
Depending on the size of the lounge you want to open you need at least 1 hookah for every person
on the max capacity number.
I would Say about 50-100 hookahs. ( Go Egyptian! last longer hit better and easy to clean)
50 Large KM's @ $35.00 = $1,750
50 Large MZ's @ $30.00 = $1,500

11. Tobacco
No that is up to you
Starbuzz Kilo $40.00
Al Fakher Kilo $22.00
Layalina Kilo $20.00

12. Charcoal.
Go Natural! its cheaper tastes better
10 Kilo Bag= $5-10
remember you don't have to but hookah charcoal! some of the best lounges here use natural Mesquite
Charcoal. the ones from vons, ralphs, albertsons - shit like that.

13. Accessories
With your hookah Purchase i recommend you buy a couple of replacement bases for your hookahs
(They Break all the time)
Base Protectors
Charcoal strainer
Large salad tongs
Heavy Grade Aluminum Foil

14. You Made it! open the doors and start selling hookahs! (enough hookahs to cover tobacco cost, rent, utilities, and insurance!)

When it come down to buying stuff. Hit up the Good Folks at Social Smoke Up! They are the Largest hookah Importers in the USA. They Have Every thing you Need to start your lounge....


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