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Default Re: Flavor Predicament

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
yes well matt we mean the same thing I think.. U need alot of heat to get most of the shishas going but when its going of course u dont need to overkill it by adding more heat.. but the subject was from the beginning that someone said that less heat will give more flavour and more heat less flavour but more clouds.. which I said was incorrect.. because more heat gives more flavour and more clouds while less heat less flavour and less clouds.. but of course too much heat will give shitty taste but thats if u burnt it.. but IMO you should try to use as much heat as possible and once again by possible I mean depending on what the shisha can allow..
we are saying pretty much the same thing but i have found that with certian flavors/brands you have from less heat to more heat

little flavor (some times soapy)<good flavor<loss of flavor<harsh

its few and far between but there are a few like this (pretty much only seen it with starbuzz). normally i am with you with getting as much heat as it will take with out being harsh

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