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Default Re: What size bowl?

Originally Posted by reality- View Post
oh shit.. 50 dolalr for a bowl..? haha.. lol..
why dont just get a scalli mod for like 8 bucks and use in the small phunnel.. guessing it will use as much as a miniphunnel ike that..
the mod smokes it differently, also your not "supposed to" use the mod for tangiers according to eric (it probably would be super hard to pull on any way). that being said, if it works for you then use it. the best thing i found to take up space in your phunel bowl if just pack it with foil in the bottom and instant savings on tobacco, smokes just as well.

i might try and get a friend i can find that is in the ceramics area of my department to make some X small phunnel bowls, not sure how well it will work out but its worth a try

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