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Default Re: Shooting Star Has Landed!

When ever i've been able to score something really great in qualntity like al-Buturī, Dariush, Manthnani, Bachi-Bagli Halva, Samsun Maden-Canek Halva, Contentment, Khansar or Shooting Star's various flavours I send half to a chum in the states that splits his share with HPers. Since most HPers seem to be stateside that is where I concentrated my efforts but seeing that a big portion of the members seem to be in Europa what i'll do is try to get the same sort of sample distribution going.

Basically these spiced, handmade moassels are a totally dofferent beast then all the facotry made stuff we all know. Unfortunately economics and time mean that such treasures are rare even in the countries they are made in and I am sure that hundreds of brands exist that I've never even heard of. Still, people like to enjoy Thomas Hardy Reserve on special occassions so why not enjoy some killer jurak or moassel as well?
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