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Default Re: How to Clean Mya Hoses

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Are you assuming that the breath you produce has more water in it than the hookah smoke? If so I suggest you go see a doctor... or Shaman. I'm not sure who would be better suited to solve that problem.
no what i am saying is that by sucking it out your pulling out moisture instead of putting it in, i know the smoke has moisture in it.

you breath out a lot of moisture in a day (i think the number was close to a liter per day but i cannot find it now, gota love murphy) so in comparison to the moisture in the tobacco you surely dont even have an ounce of moisture in the tobacco you smoke (tangiers excluded) and you are not picking up a noticeable amount of water from the vase. thats all probably a moot point though because if you clear it out by sucking vs if you put the moisture in by blowing probably is a measurable difference

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