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Default Re: Packing Nakhla Double Apple in my km??

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post

SB and HH are pretty easy to burn, they take a lot less heat.

with nakhla once i get it warmed up and move the coals 3 times in the first 15 mins i usually can get away with moving them 1-2 times for the rest of the 1:20 session. the leaf is what you want the stems (supposedly) make it harder to have consistent heat. HH is the shredded pipe tobacco cut and SB is so saturated it is about 2 stems above preserves in the consistency department (i smoke SB some times but honestly it is very saturated).

More tobacco and less washed it is.... is what makes a tobacco hard to maintain. Its the reason why OG tangiers is hard for people to pack is because og tangiers is 17% tobacco and Nakhla is next with 10% (Source is eric of tangiers)

The amount of coals is not important in my opinion, it is how you have to manaage them. I can just put 2 coals straight in the center of starbuzz and HH and not have to keep it on the rim or move it around.
I personally use the most coals on tangiers( if you want to watch my tangiers video i have the bowl surronded.) This does not mean it is the least tempermental tobacco and I dont have to move them around either cuz they are on the RIM.

Least tempermental tobaccos are going to be very wet watery tobaccos that are highly washed such as JMs, Starbuzz, Fantasia, HH

More tempertmental is going to be Nak, tangiers, al waha, des murli

All in all.. tobacco washed are generally going to be more foriving in packing method and less tempermental
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