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Default Re: Packing Nakhla Double Apple in my km??

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
^^ idk about all that

i dont think the % you are using are tobacco, because nakhla sure as hell doesnt have 90% of other stuff in it besides the tobacco, i think that might be nicotine.

i honestly think you are the exception with some of the things there because i dont know of any one that can just plop a coal in the middle of a bowl and it not burn and ive never heard nakhla called temperamental (and if it was so temperamental why can i toss nakhla in a bowl night after night with no issues yet it took me months to figure out blue mist when i had gotten it to smoke perfectly before)

Quoted from Eric
[FONT=&quot]"Tangiers is about 17% tobacco leaf, the next closest would be Nahkla at 10%.[/FONT]"

From erics website
What is the nicotine content of Tangiers Tobacco?
Approximately 0.3%

"yet it took me months to figure out blue mist "

I'm not going argue the subject any more its just going to get repetitive

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