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Default Re: Traditional Smoke

Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post
I enjoy your posts Mohamed.

I just posted about an order I'm going to make and I'm very tempted to add plain Salloum now... I absolutely love a good pipe smoke so I'm betting it would be fairly similar.
Thanks man, I think everyone should give this stuff a try. It's very strong and bitter tasting, not a common sweet candy flavour, but if you like a pipe smoke I think you will enjoy this my friend. Just take a slight puff every 30 seconds to make sure you won't smoke yourself sick as this stuff is STRONG.

Originally Posted by necco View Post
I have a recent package of Salloum I ordered that I haven't really smoked yet. Do you think that running it as it is under hot water would be enough or should I go your route and add honey and gylcerine to it? I don't want to fuck it up with my ignorance.
Hajo recommends to use 1/4 teaspoon of honey and glycerin to the amount of tobacco that will fill a normal sized bowl. In my case, I had no glycerin so you will benefit even greater than I will. I don't know about the condition your mo'assel is in because I can't see it of course, but running it under hot water (make sure it is sealed in a zip lock bag of course!!!) is an added step AFTER you add the honey/glycerin combination. It just helps to loosen it up if it's hard as a rock. Then get something to mash on it with, like a piece of wood or something. Let it sit for a while in the zip lock bag so it can soak in the honey/glycerin mixture and then smoke up bro . Let me know if you have any questions and I'll help you the best I can .

- Mohamed

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