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Originally Posted by AbusiveNapkin View Post
Isn't it Kass(Qass?) African?
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner View Post
Not sure what the name means, that is how they spell it on the package but yeah, the tobacco is apparently African but I have no idea where exactly it's from. Prince makes some good stuff and it seems that it turns up in the states from time to time so I suppose someone imports that brand.

Kass = Qass = Quass ..... Afriki = African ... All transliterations of same word.

So yes A-Nap, it's the same.

BIGPOPPA has some Nakhla African Qass I sent him. I dunno about Prince, I've seen it many times in El-Hussein area (Old Cairo) but it can never be as famous, popular or available as Nakhla.

Nakhla African Qass is the favorite smoke for veteran Egyptian smokers, and by veteran I mean 3+ decades of smoking! It is very strong.
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